#1 Catering Management Software in Singapore


A Software to Streamline Catering Business and Operation Process

Web-based Catering Management Software designed to streamline your catering operation and business process. We sincerely strive to create solutions that instantly succeed, yet also closely monitor the future. • Web-based Solutions• Quick to Implement• On-site User Training & Services• Easy to Learn and Use• One IT Manager per Project


Up to 80% Grant Funding for Catering Management Software

Singapore businesses should continue to make use of this downtime during Covid-19 to digitalize, restructure, and transform. We assist clients get up to 80% support from Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) funds.• Up to 80% Grant for Catering Management Software• For Ready-made ERP Solutions• Grant Application• Project Implementation• Grant Submission and Claims


Catering Management Software Main Features and Benefits

Online portal allows multiple users to access the Catering Management Software securely. Access the system wherever you are. Additional features are customizable.• Quotation Module• Catering Order Management• Event Management• Kitchen Cooking Schedule• Delivery Schedule• Containers and Equipment Setup• Catering Menu, Food Items, Ingredient Setup• Operation and Management Reports


Digital Signature via Mobile App for Catering Order Confirmation

User can send the PDF copy of the catering order confirmation to customer's mobile phone. Customer can review the document and sign digitally.• Customer Open Their Messaging App• Open the Document • Review the Catering Order Details• Draw Signature• Send!

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