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Get up to 80% grant funding for Catering ERP Software. Web-based Software Solutions developed locally in Singapore for Catering Services, Tingkat Delivery, Online Food Ordering, Bento Delivery, Central Kitchen Management, Procurement Management, POS System, and Restaurant Management. 

Our Strengths in Catering ERP Software


We will assign IT Manager to look after your catering software project. We pay attention to every detail in everything we produce to meet clients' expectations.

Quick to Implement

We have more than 10 years of experience in software development. Ready-made catering software allows our clients to focus on their growing companies and building brands. 

Local IT Support Services

We have dedicated IT support team in Singapore. We provide on-site user training, technical assistance, IT network and infrastructure maintenance and event computer hardware services.

Leading Catering ERP Software in SG


Catering Management Software

    Catering Order Management
    Kitchen Management
    Procurement Management
    Catering Delivery Management

Online Food Ordering System

    Online Ordering Portal
    Integration with ERP System
    Online Payment Gateway
    Website Design & Hosting

Bento Delivery Software

    Bento Order Tracking
    Bento Menu Setup
    Bento Delivery System
    Cooking Schedule Management

Tingkat Delivery Software

    Tingkat Ordering System
    Meal Delivery Services
    Tingkat Contractual Billing
    Customized Tingkat Setup

Catering ERP Software Implementation Process

We are guided by clear and long-term cooperation with clients. Look through the process of catering software implementation.

1. Catering Business Activities

Our IT Manager will assist you in the setup of your Catering ERP Software. Discuss with our IT Manager to take into account other business needs in your catering businesses. 

2. Forms Customization

Generate documents from the Catering ERP Software. Select your desired templates for your catering order confirmation, kitchen schedule, packing list, driver list and your PO.

3. Project Schedule

We closely cooperate with our clients to create projects that completely demonstrate the proposed work. Discuss the project schedule with the IT Manager.

4. Software Modification

If you have custom requirements for your Catering ERP Software, appoint an internal project manager to follow up with the software development team.

5. Onsite & Online User Training 

Start thorough testing and deep analysis which is an essential part of the deployment for Catering ERP Software. Bug fixes, UAT, onsite training, and after sales support.

6. Go-live Catering ERP Software

Software specialist will assist you to run live the system. Contact us now to find out more on how you can deploy a new Catering ERP Software to replace your old or current system.

Catering ERP Software for Different Business Activities

  • catering-erp-software

    Catering Orders for Special Occassion

    For special occasion for example wedding dinner, packers need to prepare a different set of catering equipment and containers. Can your current catering system handle that?

  • hotel-catering-management-software

    Hotel Catering Service Management

    We have experience in helping hotels to setup catering order management system. 

  • meal-delivery-software

    Flexible Catering Menu Setup

    3 dishes +1 soup or 4 dishes? Can your current system handle meal delivery or tingkat delivery services? Setup for menu, skip daily eating days, skip holidays, and more.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to assist SMEs in Singapore acquire high performance system, software, IT products and technology innovations.
Don't waste your time on those "hit-and-run" developers. Our local team in Singapore have more than 10 years of experience in Industry Specific Solutions, we believe in high accountability culture. 
We only recommend you to acquire system from vendors with deep industry know-how, a profound knowledge and understanding of the software development process, rich experience, and compliance with safety. 


Our Achievements


years of practice in creating innovative digital solutions 


industry specific solutions


project experiences over a decade


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Open the document. Your customer will receive a PDF document on their mobile app. 
Sign digitally. Double check the catering order details, draw your signature.
Send it. The signed document will be seamlessly shared within the same ongoing conversation.

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SIIS | 23 Nov 2020

Enhanced Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Enhanced Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to support companies that impacted by Covid-19.


SIIS | 18 Oct 2020

Grant for Ready-made Event Catering Management System

Everything you need to know before acquire a ready-made event catering management system.


SIIS | 10 Oct 2020

Integrate Online Ordering Portal into Your Catering ERP Software

Find out more about how to integrate online ordering portal into a new Catering ERP Software.


Let's create something awesome together!


Get up to 80% Grant Funding!


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